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Delaware FSBO Listings Help is on the way

Delaware FSBO Listings Help is on the way

As a full time Realtor in Delaware for the last 14 years I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of for sale by owners and after a few months if the home doesn't sell they really get beat down. 

One gentleman going the fsbo route was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a $300,000 home while his family and job were waiting for him in Indiana.  He said being away from his family for the last 3 months was not a big deal as long as he saved the commission on his home.  It never sold and his family moved back 4 months later.  Im sure the kids loved that!

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for a fsbo is setting appointments and returning phone calls.  I say the biggest because most fsbos do not get past this step in the selling process.  Every week I phone 50-70 of these for sale by owners in Delaware and leave a message for about 40 of them.   Of the 40 I never hear from half.  Email is worse, I get return contacts from about 10%!


Now don't get me wrong, im good at saving a buck but I don't do my own taxes, I don't do major home repairs,  I dont do my own legal work and when I sold my house 6 years ago I paid a Realtor 3%!


-Realtors know that the way to get the highest amount for a home is to list it on the MLS

-Realtors know how to price your home

-Realtors know how to market the property

-Realtors know the worst thing you can do is show your own home (I always left during showings)

-Realtors know there needs to be a buffer between the buyer and seller during the offer phase and home inspections

-Realtors know the rules of the road and what is legal and what is not. 

-Realtors know to follow these rules to the letter to protect their clients from getting sued.

-Realtors know these things because its their job to know them and do them well. 

We care for our clients and want them to get the results they need and want from the sale.

Talk with a Realtor, it will be the best move you ever made





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